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The most effective leaders are consistently seeking input and evaluation of their ministry models to be more faithful. (Barna)

Tammy Preston says:

"I am convinced we don’t need another seminar, talking head, endless theory or even another conference. I believe we need more shared experiences, places to tell our stories, 

interactive and inspiring collaboration and ways to better engage all ages in a way that draws them to a loving God and a healthy and vital community in which they feel like they can belong. 


I have so many questions, I am curious if you have as well……


o    What kind of leader is needed to lead an intergenerational community?

o    What can a holistic environment look like to engage all who are present? 

o    What do we need to unlearn to walk and lead the discipleship path like Jesus did?

o    Are we leading communities where everyone feels like they belong and has a voice?

o    What do faith communities need to look like to make them attractive to those who do not know Him yet?


My current doctoral studies have highlighted some valuable ways forward for leaders and Churches to consider, leets explore this together.


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